4 Workplace Realities Reshaping the Child Care Landscape

Working parents often feel responsible for not being able to spend more time with their children. Leaving them with babysitters, friends or relatives doesn’t sit well with some parents and they feel that more should be done to tend to their children’s needs. Unfortunately, work is necessary and is increasingly more demanding in today’s society. So, if this is a situation that we have to live with, how can we optimize it to get the most out of both work and home life?

There Are Great Benefits To Having Childcare Available In the Workplace

Some companies are now offering child care in the workplace, much to the relief of parents. We would all enjoy a little peace of mind by having our children in the same building as we are in.

A lot of time can be saved by not having to leave your child in one place, just to drive to your workplace. This in turn saves gas money and saves you some much needed energy. Drop-in daycares provide a lot of space to play, and there are divided sections for different age groups. One of the great benefits here is that children are stimulated, and they learn to adapt and relate to other children in their surroundings quickly.

Industry Leaders Are Doing It

You’ll be surprised to learn of the many well-known companies who are leading the way in this regard. Child care in the workplace has become a much more important topic as people struggle to find the right, work-life balance. To name a few: Nike, Google, Home Depot, Disney Parks and Resorts, Johnson & Johnson, and Cisco Systems are companies, who are setting the example for other smaller companies to prioritize the well being of their employees and their children.

Change Is Coming

As we look ahead, workplaces will inevitably have to offer a better childcare solution for their millennial employees. When surveyed, 80% of Millennials stated that work-life balance is the number one priority when looking for employment.

Workload Has Changed

I think the most significant factor here is that so much has changed in the way we work. It forces an adaptation in other aspects of our daily lives and routines. It’s all too common now, to entirely cut out social activities and even time with family outside the members who live with us. They suffer the cutting down of quality time due to the ever-increasing workload. It is all the more accurate where children are concerned, making proper childcare a top priority for parents.


It is great to see that our society is becoming more sensitive to the needs of children and parents. Admittedly, it will take some time for this to become the norm. In the meantime, you can find dozens of options of trusted child care centers, by downloading the Carepass app. Take the step today and learn how you can provide better care for your child.