5 Reasons You Should Enroll Your Child in Daycare

Daycare is a significant stepping stone in any child’s life. It is where they will separate from being at home with parents, to discover a new world of friends, learning and socializing with others. Cognitively and emotionally, the child becomes adapted to dealing with those around them in a way that is appropriate for their stage in life. They also might release an enormous amount of energy at a daycare setting, whereas the same behavior might not be seen at home.

Basic Life Skills

Sharing is caring. That is a tough one for small children, especially around others their age. But it is something that must be taught as an essential social skill. We have all seen children who snatch things away and hit others when they don’t get what they want. These are the types of life situations that are dealt with and worked through in daycare. It is where small children learn how to socialize with others for the first time.


Kids at home are sometimes used to being asked what they want. They come to expect parents to foresee their needs, instead of communicating them. In daycare, children will learn that they have a voice and that they are capable of self-expression to get their needs met. It goes for basic things like asking for the bathroom, asking for permission, or speaking out when they did not get included in a game. It is a basic skill that will help them immediately, but which will also be important as they move into more complex life situations.

Conflict Resolution

One of the primary things children learn, which is valuable from their experience at daycare, is how to resolve conflict in a way that is healthy and respectful. It includes listening to the other person, expressing their thoughts and feelings, and afterward resolving the issue by offering an apology when it is merited as well as forgiving their friends when they make a mistake.

Cognitive Function

Even though it seems cute to see children finger painting, coloring and matching things by shape and size, inside their tiny minds they are making meaningful connections, much of which has to do with coordination and basic mathematical skills. The rhymes and patterns they learn and actions they do along to songs develop their brains and prepare the way for further learning.

Emotional Independence

One of the first things your child will have to learn is how to get by without you. I know that can be scary to think about, but it is vital for them to start the process of independence early on. It will make things easier for them as they grow and learn to be self-motivated and as they learn to make decisions.

Balance For Parents

Your children aren’t the only ones who will benefit from going to daycare. As parents, of course, you will be able to enjoy some time away from the kids to do other responsibilities or take a moment or two to yourselves. Successful parenting is all about having a right balance of work, family and leaving at least a minimal time for distraction. Happy people are happy parents and children need to sense a relaxed, stress-free environment that enables them to learn and grow.

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