5 Steps to Find a Great Day Care

The process of finding a daycare can be overwhelming. You are busy, you’re juggling kids and family. It may seem like you just go for it and place your child in the closest school. What are the steps you should follow to find a great daycare near you? 

Here are 5 things you can do right now to kick start this process and make finding a great daycare a reality. 

Start looking early

It is best to start looking before you need care. Some parents begin looking before they even give birth to their child. Since there are many types of care and often waitlists for younger children, starting early is the best way to go. 

You will also want to consider finding care close to home or close to work if you commute. Things to consider would be who will pick up your child and who will need to drop them off. If you commute, then having an idea of your average commute will be important too. 

Get informed, Research  and Make a Call of an Appointment

The Carepass App is designed to help you find a preschool easily. If a school is not listed on Carepass, ask them why!

Carepass can help you find a preschool by location or by need. You can spend just a few minutes on the app finding daycare center instead of time trying to figure out care by searching the internet. 

Once you find daycare centers that interest you, make an appointment. Give yourself 30 minutes to properly tour the daycare and ask questions. If you are having trouble getting off work, remind your boss that their support in finding a great daycare now will save valuable time for you in the future and allow you to focus on work with confidence knowing your child is in good hands.

Visit and Ask all your Questions

Don’t be afraid to make a list of all your questions. Common questions would be what your child’s daily schedule will look like, what type of teacher training occurs and what are all of the teacher’s qualifications. 

Compare and Make a Choice

Once you have visited a couple daycare centers, review your tours. Many parents like to write down the name of the school on a piece of paper and list out the things they remember about their tour. You’ll also want to take into consideration the price of the school. If this is an issue, ask about scholarships and other subsidized care options. 

Stay Informed and Involved

Once you find a school, make sure you stay informed. Take a few minutes to read the daily reports sent home (if provided) and things like the school newsletter, billing statements or quarterly reports. Good communication is a sign of a daycare that is transparent and wants to partner with you. That’s always a good thing!

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