7 Important Questions to Ask your Child’s Preschool Teacher

You’ve decided on a preschool, and now it’s time to meet the teacher(s). We know that sometimes the first day of school can be more of a struggle for you than your little one (we’ve been there!). That’s why we’ve made it easy for you and gathered the 7 important questions to ask your child’s preschool teacher on the first day of school.

  1. How do you handle discipline in the classroom?

This one will give you a peace of mind. Although the school itself will likely have a disciplinary philosophy in place, you’ll like to hear some specific examples coming directly from your child’s teacher.

  1. What do you do if my child needs to be comforted?

Now that you won’t be around, you’ll feel better knowing exactly what the teacher will do to put your child at ease. This is also a good moment to share any tips with your teacher of how to make your child feel better in different situations.

  1. How do you handle bullying or teasing?

For both, the bully and the bullied. You may also want to ask how you can help keep the classroom a safe and friendly environment from home by speaking with your child. It’s important that you and the teacher are always on the same page when it comes to bullying.

  1. How can parents help your class?

Ask the teacher how you can help out. How can you get involved? Any upcoming events? Does she/he need an extra hand for anything? The more help the teacher has, the better the experience will be for all the children in the classroom — including yours.

  1. How do you handle food allergies?

Whether or not your child has allergies, there may be another student that does. This will be helpful to know for simple things such as when you have a birthday party for your child and invite students from the classroom, what type of cake will you serve? In addition to the lunches and snacks you’ll be packing.

  1. Will my child have homework? If so, how much?

Get ready for it! And the best way to do so is by asking the teacher how much time you should be expecting to devote to homework with your child. You’ll be able to plan your days and divide time with your partner or other family members that are willing to help.

  1. How will we communicate? How often will I receive updates on my child’s progress?

This one is key! Does your teacher send out emails? Make weekly phone calls? Send your child back home with a recap of each day? How often will you meet with the teacher to ensure your child is progressing properly? All of these questions are good to ask in the beginning so that the expectations are set on both sides.

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