Benefits of Drop-in Care Versus Hiring A Sitter

Like any parent the number one thing you are looking for when thinking of child care is safety. You want to know that your child will be in loving hands, with trusted, responsible adults who can handle any situation. Finding a good sitter takes time and, even then, once you do, there’s no guarantee they’ll be available when you need them. What if there was a way to always have someone trusted to turn to to watch the kids during a teacher planning day, on a date night, or just for a few hours while you run some errands?

Drop-in day care provides families with short term care for their child. Most of the time, parents are provided with a system where they can be alerted if their child requires their immediate attention. Places such as shopping centers, malls, spas and other public places often provide drop-in child care and the parents are never far away, often times on the very premesis. Conventiently this option is also made available by companies who recognise the importance of having 24 hour services available for childcare on short notice. Here we will look at some reasons how drop-in daycare is better than hiring a sitter:

It Will Cost You Less

Hiring a babysitter can be costly. The national average rate for a sitter is about $15.00 per hour (in some cities more!). So, if you hire a sitter a few times a week, that quickly adds up and can take a big bite out of your monthly budget. Having a service that is affordable yet professional gives you the best of both worlds:  high-quality care, but at a fraction of the cost of a sitter.

Location Near You, All The Time

You might have someone you count on who lives near you, but what happens if you are on vacation, or out of town? It would be great to have someone readily available to care for your child. Emerging technology platforms like Carepass make it easy to find, book and pay for drop-in care in trusted preschools and daycares all around you. You can try out different care centers, all over town, according to which one fits you best.

More Flexibility

Because the cost of a babysitter is high, you may not be able to hire one on weekends or in moments when things come up, out of the blue. We all have emergencies here and there or the surprise invitation which we would enjoy attending. Now, getting childcare doesn’t have to be a hassle. Carepass makes the process easier by providing multiple locations near to where you are, constant comunication with the child care center and best of all, you can schedule on very short notice.

Book, Drop Off, Pick up, and Payment

The entire process from start to finish could not be simpler. Just specify who the child care is for, and for when you would like the service. Then, browse detailed profiles (including photos, ratings and reviews) of available locations and book your visit directly from the app. Best of all, there is no need to handle money at pick up. Payment takes place automatically via the app.


Hopefully, you can see for yourself some of the benefits of choosing drop-in daycare over hiring a sitter. Not only will you save time and money, but it is also more logical to have more options available to you and not have to depend on just one person. All preschools and daycares on Carepass are licensed and inspected. Your child will be cared for by fingerprinted professionals who will teach and play with your child for as long as you need.

Get in on the convenience and safety of on-demand flexible childcare. Install Carepass today!