How to Make Daycare Drop-off Easier for You and Your Child

For any parent, it can be heartbreaking to leave their child at daycare for the first time. All sorts of worries may invade their thoughts and make them want to stand outside the door to make sure the child is ok. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help the situation in the least. So, how can we make a good transition from life at home to being at daycare for part of the day? Here we will lay out a few useful tips.

Choose a Great Daycare Right Off the Bat

The primary reason for all the nervousness around leaving your child in a new place is that you don’t know much about the place or person until you try it. It is a unique experience. Thankfully, choosing a licensed preschool or daycare – which is regulated and frequently inspected by numerous authorities – is an easy start. After that, seeking out ratings and reviews from like-minded parents is another way to home in on the perfect school.

Carepass is a mobile app that can help you find, book and pay for high-quality, licensed child care near you. Best of all, it’s entirely flexible. Whether you need a few weeks, a few days or just a few hours, you can do it all right from the app; including payment, which means no need to handle money at pick-up.

Prepare the Terrain

Children look to us to set the tone about how we approach things in everyday life. They are always perceiving our reactions to situations and memorizing behavior patterns subconsciously. They learn to accept what we accept and to fear what we fear. It is essential to consider when we are introducing them to things that we wish for them to accept and enjoy. If they see us excited to take them to daycare, they will feel happy about it too.

Prepare your Child

Explaining and going through the process with your child is essential to ease the tension of not knowing what is going to happen. Let them know they will meet some new staff or teachers, tell them that at daycare they will make new friends and do different things than they do at home. Explain that you would like to have them at home but that there are other things that you need to do as a parent that is also important. Keep them in the loop. It is important with older children as they understand much more of their surroundings and can interpret situations differently than small children do.

Say Goodbye-Don’t Linger

Once the hug and kiss are over, don’t try to stay any longer. It keeps your child’s attention on you instead of where it should be, on daycare! Jumping into an exciting or fun activity is a good tactic to distract the child and get them interested from the start. You can mention to the person in charge that you are leaving and they will take over from there and have the child engaged in an activity right away. Always be sure to let your child know when you will be back to pick them up and let them know they are safe, and in good hands.  


Change is not an easy thing to adapt to for children nor parents, but with some creativity and planning, we can make these seemingly tricky steps more exciting and enjoyable for both our children and for ourselves. Get in on the convenience and safety of on-demand flexible childcare. Install Carepass today!