Ideas & Resources That Will Help Your Child Care Center Stand Out

Parents are asking more questions about early education. That’s a good thing!

As they become more educated on topics like curriculum choices and age-appropriate activities, quality care will become more in demand. 

Parents not only want convenience when it comes to choosing a child care location they also want to know tons of information like the drop-off and pick-up times. They also want to know that you have something special to offer. 

This is why child care marketing is vital.  Your voice needs to be heard and your center needs the opportunity to showcase everything that makes it special. 

Why is child care marketing a little different?

Marketing child care and preschool center is mainly based in communication. You want to communicate your approach to care, why your center is the one they should choose and who you serve (infants, pre-k).

It is also about how you fit in with your community and provide what they need. This also goes hand in hand with reputation. 

However, marketing is often not a strong suit for most owners of child care services. You may be passionate about play but not really understand how to transfer that passion into a marketing plan that conveys that. 

This is why so many early learning programs feel lost in the mix. In today’s digitally centered age, it’s easier than you think to make a difference. 

So no matter if you are opening a new child care center or have been in business for years, creating awareness is much easier and cheaper than you may realize.

Connect with Parents

As an educator, know early education is an investment. 

High-quality early education can have a profound impact on learning outcomes for the rest of a person’s life.  Parents might not understand the value of early education or its impact. That fact is an opportunity for you!

If you and your teachers are passionate about your program, curriculum,  approach, process, and passion you can rally parents to invest too!  

People are learning that part of what makes each of us amazing is our connection to not only what we love but why we are passionate about it. Today being different is good!  

Since it’s not always easy for parents to make the right choices in early education this is where you can create value. Don’t be afraid to shout from the rooftops why your program is unique and why that matters. 

Tell Your Story, What Makes You Different?

How can you communicate your value?  One way is to show your process. To do this you need to create confidence in parents that you process nurtures learning growth. Then you can show them how this creates a foundation for academic success long term.

If you believe that a foundation built in literacy is important and you make sure each class reads and discusses two books every day, then showcase your center’s love of reading every chance you get. Invite local authors, have children write their own books. Take trips to the library. Be the school that focuses on early literacy and teach your staff to convey why this passion is the way to go. 

Wondering How to Convey Your Passion on a Larger Scale?

1. Host a Community Event

Even established schools can host a free community event.  The goal is to let parents tour your facility or in the least know you are an option.  Host an art fair, safety day or holiday-related event. You just want to create a low-pressure opportunity for parents to see your school in a non-sales based interaction. 

Of course, you should have material available on your school and programs. You can use the event to collect emails to which will allow you to connect with them in the future. 

2. Always be promoting

You can’t go a day without stumbling across a parent. They are everywhere. That means every day you have a huge opportunity to connect and convert. 

So drop by local parent hangouts and offer to host a craft. Drop by a mom’s group and offer to come and speak on child care. There are tons of ways you can connect with parents every single day. 

3. Social Media and Tech Make Marketing Easy

Most of us are on social media and taking a moment to contribute to an online conversation on child care is easy. Find pages that are of interest to parents and comment on posts as your brand. 

You should also have a Facebook page and at minimum use it to keep your currently enrolled parents updated. 

It’s easy to create a Facebook page here and get some tips on how to run it here. 

You can also utilize apps like Carepass to create your digital footprint. It takes less than 10 minutes to set up a profile. A huge part of marketing is creating three things: social proof, transparency, and visibility.  Carepass is an app that helps set you apart by showcasing your center to parents in an easy to use format. See for yourself how much Carepass can help you build your business.