Introducing Carepass v1.2

Hi everyone!

Right on time for summer, I am ecstatic to announce that version 1.2 of the Carepass app is now available for download in the iPhone App Store! Click here to download it now. The two major pieces of new functionality include:

Multiday Bookings
Need a few days or a few weeks of flexible child care? We can do that!

Book by the day or week:  Now, users can book care for entire days or even entire weeks. Just tap on the “Book Now” menu and, under the “FOR HOW LONG” section, select whether you’re looking for hours, days or weeks. From there, just pick the exact dates or weeks you need, and Carepass will match you with available providers!

Promo Codes:  Savvy shoppers out there rejoice! In Carepass v1.2 we have also introduced a new page to submit promo codes. Just go to the “Profile” menu and tap on “Promos.”

To commemorate our launch,  we are publishing a handful of promo codes with some of our local partners. You can seek them out online, or just just check out them below to get in on the action:

In addition to multi-day bookings and promo codes, in version 1.2 we also improved the “Log in with Facebook” functionality – by the way, for optimal user experience, we highly recommend logging in with Facebook – and streamlined the booking process by making the “Book Now” button more prominent and making it float in view.

We would like to take a moment to thank all of the parents and care providers who’ve been so generous with their feedback and guidance. We hope this latest release demonstrates our commitment to constantly improving your experience with (and value from) using Carepass. To that end, I look forward to sharing information about our next release as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

For now, PLEASE, keep the feedback coming!