The beginning…

Hello, loyal readers (all soon-to-be billions of you)!  Welcome to the very first installment of the official – and wildly imaginatively named – Carepass Blog.

In about a week’s time, we’ll be formally announcing the launch of Carepass, a disruptive mobile app that lets parents (like me!) find, book and pay for flexible child care at local child care centers all around us. Best of all, whether parents need a few weeks, a few days or just a few hours of child care, our app will make getting it as easy as making a restaurant reservation on OpenTable. No more missed work, cancelled plans or postponed date nights. The Carepass network is always on.

For our inaugural blog entry, I thought, what would be better than an origin story? Well, that story invariably starts with how “necessity is the mother of invention”…  so, who better to tell it than the mother and cofounder of Carepass herself, Stefanie Mederos. Take it away, Stefanie!

When I had my second child (today, a two year-old, tomorrow possibly a mountain climber), I was working for a small company that gave me two weeks of paid maternity leave. On the bright side, the company offered me the ability to work from home when my maternity leave ended.

I was happy with that arrangement because I didn’t want to be apart from the baby when she was so young. I worked when the baby slept and, luckily, she was an easy-going newborn who slept a lot (things have changed A LOT since then). I struggled, though, when I had meetings or other work-related obligations that I needed to participate in, but where a newborn was not welcome.

Unless one of my sitters just happened to be available (I’m rarely that lucky), my options were limited. I didn’t want to invite a stranger into my home to look after my baby unsupervised. Meanwhile, licensed child care centers – where she could have received social, physical, and cognitive stimulation in a safe, loving environment – generally don’t offer short-term care options (including the one my older daughter attended).

All I really needed was an easy, but safe, backup care solution that I could rely upon occasionally, available when I needed it (sometimes on short notice).  In today’s day and age, it just didn’t make sense that such a thing didn’t exist.

Fast-forward a year or so and, from that necessity, Carepass was born; and, with it, a whole new way to think about child care. We can’t wait for parents everywhere to check it out. So, stay tuned to the Carepass Blog and our social media channels for the official word on when we go live.

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