Sentiment Survey Results

On Wednesday, August 26th we sent a quick, 3-question survey to our network of school administrators, teachers and childcare providers with the hopes of better understanding the prevailing sentiment as we head into a new school year.

The results surprised us.


We were encouraged to see such a high percentage of facilities are already open. That’s a sign of confidence. For parents, it’s also a response to an overwhelming need for care following months at home.


This was perhaps the most telling of the three questions. Just 1 school in 4 is currently at capacity. A return to normal is going to take time, but Carepass can help in a small way. We exist to connect parents to providers, and it won’t cost you a penny…our platform is 100% free. We encourage you to take a few minutes and create a free profile.


Perhaps not surprisingly, very few schools are thriving in this environment, but it’s nice to see them represented here.

By design, this poll captures a snapshot in time, which may change considerably the next time we send a survey, but we felt it would be valuable to know what your community is feeling at this very moment.